Online scheduling
Online scheduling

Men's Waxing

Brow Design  $15

Center of Brows   $5

Ears   $20

Nose   $15

Back of Neck   $15

Full Chest $50 & up

Half Arms $35 & up

Upper Arms &

Shoulders $35 & up

Lower Back $25 & up

Full Back $50 & up

Add On's

    Brow Tinting   $20

    Brow Lightning   $20

Tips Before Waxing

Know the contraindications and communicate with your waxing technician about any procedures you have received on the potential waxing area.
Avoid sun exposure/tanning for at least 5 days prior.
Avoid heavy exercise/sweating for 8 hours post treatment.

Avoid aspirin and other blood thinners. You may take an over-the-counter pain medication such as Tylenol or ibuprofen one hour prior to waxing.
Remember, one can follow all of these tips and still have some post-waxing irritation due to hormones, stress, general skin sensitivity or other factors. Therefore, for special occasions, it is best to schedule your waxing at least 7 days prior.

Tips After Waxing

A person's skin will be much more sensitive after waxing.
Avoid tanning / tanning beds and be sure to use sunscreen with at least SPF 30.
Avoid use of exfoliate scrubs, AHAs, glycolics, and other ingredients that peel or exfoliate the skin for 72 hours following waxing.
For body waxing, a gentle scrub can be used 72 hours post-waxing. To soothe any irritation, apply to the affected area.
Avoid heavy exercise/sweating for 8 hours following waxing, especially if one is particularly sensitive or irritated.

Woman's Waxing

Brow Design   $15

Upper Lip   $10

Chin   $15

Sides Of Face   $15

Cheeks   $15

Jawline   $15

Neck   $15

Nose   $15

Hair Line   $20

Half Arms   $30 & up

Full Arms   $40 & up

Under Arms   $20

Stomach   150 & up

Lower Back   $25 & up

Bikini   $35 & up

Brazilian   $65 & up

Half Leg   $40 & up

Full Leg   $70 & up

Toes or Fingers    $15